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I can’t let another day go by without letting the world know how blessed and thankful I am.  Sure, I have many days when I get caught up in the staggering mountain of bills or something at work eats away at me, but when it comes right down to it, I know I have God, Drew, Spencer, and Ariel, and the animals (and all the rest of my family and friends, ofcourse.)  Last night I went to bed mulling over everything that was stressing me out, and sooooo, I ended my day as I normally do– in prayer.  I basically gave it all to God.  And, my relationship with God is a funny thing…sometimes I feel like God and the Holy Spirit are right next to me like a warm breath.  Other times, I feel like I have to scream out my prayers in my mind in order to be heard.  But, nonetheless, God is there.  Sometimes, I just have to wait on answers…then it will hit me like an epiphany, but it’s God waiting for my restless spirit to calm down. 

So, anyway, then I fall asleep… And, today, on this Sunday morning (the day before School starts), I woke up and  crawled into Ariel’s bed (where she and Spence were quietly watching cartoons together like angels who waited for me to wake on my own), and I just stared at their little faces… at their peach fuzz hair lines, and their little grown up teeth that still have the ridges on the top… and their little hands…and their little brown eyes staring back at me with delight and love… That is the best feeling in this world hands down.  Everything else could go to hell in a handbasket at that moment, and it wouldn’t phase me a bit. 

So, this morning, we went down to Bojangles in our jammies and got breakfast platters… I figure from here on out, most of the time it’s gonna be breakfast bars and cereal as we fly out the door…we may as well splurge.  And, while we were having this delightlful breakfast, my Babydollhead called from work to say goodmorning.  In my usual fashion, I bit his head off last night while I was having a stress moment, and it was so nice to hear him say, “I love you.”  ” I believe in you.”  “No matter what happens in this world, just know that I love you no matter what.”  That is joy.  That is a great relationship, and I am so lucky and thankful for my partner, my husband, my fellow goofball, my soulmate. 

Then ofcourse, there is unconditional love oozing from the managerie of animals in my home…Bubbie, Sheeba, Luke, Lucy, Attakitty… they pile on me at night like lovers.  

So, before I do anything else today, I just wanted to share with the world a peak into my world and the love that abounds.  And, I am so thankful.


Talk too much

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Observations

I was just thinking…actually, I do more thinking than anything these days… people around me always ask me “What’s wrong?”  Nothing is wrong… sometimes…not all the time, but sometimes, I just don’t feel like talking.  I actually enjoy silence… with people around me, ofcourse…being silent, too.  If I didn’t have dust allergies, I might consider hanging out in a a library more often.  I’ve heard people say that if you are comfortable enough around someone to be totally silent, then that is a really good thing.  Sometimes people talk to fill the void of beautiful silence, and it is so unecessary.  My kids love to talk…and talk… and talk… and I love my kids more than anything in this world, but I will sometimes just say…”Shhhhhh…let’s just see how long we can all go without talking.”  And, so we play that game that lasts less than 3 minutes.   I just read a post on Facebook about old cartoons… I love old cartoons…you know why?  They Don’t Talk!!!  Tom and Jerry didn’t talk to each other…they just did what cats and mice do…chase each other around…and the background music and sound fx were always super entertaining.  Cartoons today have WAY too much conversation.   When I am home by myself, I very rarely put the TV on…I like the silence.  Maybe it’s becasue I am in the world of people everyday, and everybody has something to say, so when I get home, it’s my place of quiet from the world…I’ve always been known as a talker, but it’s like my mouth is tired now, and it just wants to stay shut and let my fingers do the talking on the keyboard.

Near death experience: Age 5

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I was like five years old….bobbing up and down in the bay like a buoy>..  I knew my life was not meant to be over..I just kept holding my breath and pushing my feet up and down on the bottom of the bay… Suck up a breath!  Then…. Do it again, and again…Is someone gonna notice I’m drowning… I’m five… I have too much life to live…save me.

(Breath!) some one pulls me up.  Close call.

“You gotta fight for your right…. To parrrrrrrrty!

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I call this blog My-T-Fine.  It took me a while to catch onto the clever name of this puddin.  I always wondered why someone would name a pudding my “T” fine with emphasis on the “T.”  It wasn’t until I was with myhigh school friend, Daniela, aka Nerpolian (the original Napoleon Dynomite female version), that the emphasis is on “fine.”  As in Mighty fine.  That’s my life…”My-T-Fine.”  It is Mighty Fine…I just see things from a different angle sometimes.

Hello world!

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