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Near death experience: Age 5

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

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I was like five years old….bobbing up and down in the bay like a buoy>..  I knew my life was not meant to be over..I just kept holding my breath and pushing my feet up and down on the bottom of the bay… Suck up a breath!  Then…. Do it again, and again…Is someone gonna notice I’m drowning… I’m five… I have too much life to live…save me.

(Breath!) some one pulls me up.  Close call.

“You gotta fight for your right…. To parrrrrrrrty!


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I call this blog My-T-Fine.  It took me a while to catch onto the clever name of this puddin.  I always wondered why someone would name a pudding my “T” fine with emphasis on the “T.”  It wasn’t until I was with myhigh school friend, Daniela, aka Nerpolian (the original Napoleon Dynomite female version), that the emphasis is on “fine.”  As in Mighty fine.  That’s my life…”My-T-Fine.”  It is Mighty Fine…I just see things from a different angle sometimes.

Hello world!

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